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SUEZ works with customers to evaluate pre-selected reputable third-party contractors who will be tasked with detailed engineering, fabrication and integration of the different modules.


  • 提高执行灵活性,达到本地含量要求
  • 与供应单个设备部件相比,整套系统更具成本竞争力、更加准时,并且享受SUEZ性能保证
  • 直接获得SUEZ的技术团队提供的帮助和故障排除服务


Sulphate Removal Process packages

Sulphate Removal is often a vital requirement of offshore water injection systems, with the key requirement being to reduce the natural sulphate content of the seawater down to a level where scaling and souring risks are eliminated.

SUEZ is unique amongst topsides water treatment vendors in that we are the only supplier to not only design & build the process plant, but also to manufacture membranes, the key component in both the pre-treatment and sulphate removal processes.

In addition, SUEZ is a major manufacturer of the chemicals needed for water treatment production and membrane cleaning.

The SUEZ Advantage

Combining a deep understanding of membranes, chemicals and many operating references of offshore water injection plant gives clients ‘the SUEZ advantage’ in ownership of a custom-designed solution with extensive built-in knowledge and experience.

SUEZ can take full responsibility for the complete sulphate removal module which would be fabricated at a location convenient for the client, benefiting from our existing global relationships with shipyards and manufacturers.