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对于水量供不应求的许多国家来说,缺水是他们面临的共同难题。大约有 1.2 十亿人口(接近全球人口的五分之一)生活在缺水地区,而有 500 百万人正接近这一境况。

市政水生产与配送方面的其他问题(例如高额的能源成本与渗水的管道)通常加剧了缺水问题。SUEZ’s Industrial Internet can provide a solution by gathering data from the water distribution ecosystem and using it to detect flaws and reduce unplanned downtime.It operates through Predix*, an operating system built by SUEZ that provides the technical foundation to run industrial applications and take in complex data sets.



By leveraging SUEZ’s digital solutions, powered by Predix, we have uncovered several opportunities to solve underlying cost and infrastructure issues and fulfill the Kingdom’s water vision.


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